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016 – Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

August 8, 2013 Podcasts 1 Comment

In this episode, we review Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil.

Nick and Andy can finally agree on something, good-natured hillbillies, and popping collars. Let us know what you thought at NetflixJunkies.com.

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  1. McDork says:

    You guys are very welcomed! I thought this movie was very funny! Since no one else comments on here I’m going to take full credit for recommending this movie to you! This movie had so many funny parts in it and was just a good fun ride! I’m glad we are all on the same page with this 1!

    Nick, if you like Tyler Labine, I would suggest Reaper and Sons of Tucson. 2 funny shows that he was either the star in or 1 of the main characters. Some really good stuff!!!

    Andy, I’m guessing you don’t like Firefly. If this is true, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!! That is an excellent TV Series!!!! You need to go back and re-examine your life… lol

    Great show as always! Keep ‘em coming!

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