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015 – Primer

August 5, 2013 Podcasts 3 Comments

In this episode of Netflix Junkies, we review Primer.

We have the most heated discussion to date about this movie and we both have very different opinions. Watch the movie, listen to the show, then head over to NetflixJunkies.com where we desperately need you, the fans, to be the tie-breakers!

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  1. McDork says:

    This was a very well done movie on such a small budget. I was very impressed! This movie is not boring Andy… It is very interesting and I agree that I need to watch this movie again. I use the word need because it was such a different version of a time travel movie and I really need to see it to see what I missed the 1st time.

    Andy, most of the movies you review on here are independent movies, you had a half of an episode discussing this. This is a great movie. I guess you could say this movie was boring, but I disagree as it kept my interest the entire time.

    1 time travel movie I thought was better was Donnie Darko, but this did such a great version of time travel movie, I’m not seeing why you didn’t like it so much Andy.

    Andy, I’m telling you how wrong you are.

  2. Nick @ Netflix Junkies says:

    Brilliant response, McDork!

    I think, budget aside, this story was compelling enough to warrant another viewing – for exactly the reason you gave. I KNOW I missed a ton of shit, and not just because I’m way too stupid to follow the science (although, to be fair, that is very, very true.)

    I think the fact that they applied logic and actual science to the concept and fantasy of time travel makes me want to learn more by watching it again. I love me some Flux Capacitor, but this one took a more “real world” (as real as you can with time travel) approach that really appealed to me.

    As always, thanks for listening!

  3. Adam Johnson says:

    This was a hard podcast to listen to, as I’ve been evangelizing for this movie ever since I first saw it in 2005. I LOVE this movie.

    As far as why someone wouldn’t like the movie, I don’t blame someone who isn’t interested in science or plot – or the real-life implications of such a thoroughly worn trope as time travel – for not liking the movie. However, I don’t understand such a person. Intricate plotting and real-life science are my bread and butter!

    A movie about a table would be boring, but as someone who grew up watching Star Trek and thinking (probably too much) about time travel, I was enamored by the idea that even a bare-bones version of time travel would quickly spin out of control in the face of human nature.

    If you want to just check out and have a good time – great! So do I! But I also enjoy the hell out of a puzzle, and the last 20 minutes (or this 70 minute movie – short for convenient rewatching!) is twisted up in so many knots that this is a honest-to-god real diagram created to explain it: http://www.rautita.it/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/primer_timeline.jpg

    So, on a few points, you can easily agree to disagree. If that diagram makes your head hurt, well … it makes everyone’s head hurt. But for some of us, that’s a good thing! It’s fun to game out all the craziness.

    But what I can’t let pass is the suggestion that this movie isn’t visually pretty impressive considering its budget, and, most importantly, that the time travel is actually internally consistent. Shane Carruth actually said he spent a year going back through the script and making sure it was free of the plot holes that plague almost literally every other time travel movie. (Ironically, 12 Monkeys comes to mind as a rare exception.)

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. To each his own, but I love this movie.

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