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Calling All Junkies…

October 24, 2013 Articles 3 Comments

It seems as though the NFJ podcast has been resurrected from the dead. Over the past few days, the NFJ podcast and website has exploded with listeners.

  1. Thank you!.. Nick and I are definitely feeling the love and are beginning to realize a lot of listeners have a need that we may have inadvertently filled. Whether that need was a Netflix recommendation or just to hear two idiots babbling on like morons, every episode reducing our dignity to impossible depths. Whatever it was, you keep coming back. So, thank you.
  2. Our deepest apologies… The fans (that means you, the one reading this) continue to come back to us and it has been us that has let you down by not continuing to create great content. I use the termĀ great loosely. Bottom line, you have done your part and we have not.


We need you to sound off! Answer the following questions and be part of the potential resurrection of the Netflix Junkies.

  1. Should we come back? Do you enjoy the show? Are you an avid listener? Etc. and what not…
  2. What do you enjoy about the show? Is it the recommendations, the discussion, or simply listening to Nick and I make asses of ourselves?
  3. What can we do to make the show better? What can we do to make the website better?
  4. This is a big one. If you have recently listened to the show, let’s say in the last week, where did you find out about the show?

Answer your hearts out in the comments below. We are counting on you to shape our future. Damn, that sounded scary as hell.

Thanks for the continued love.


The Netflix Junkies

017 – Get the Gringo

In this episode we review Get the Gringo.

To no ones surprise Nick and I disagree on another film, we somehow venture onto a conversation about slingshots, and I get fed up with how guns are portrayed in hostage situations. Have a listen and tell us your thoughts on the film at


016 – Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

In this episode, we review Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil.

Nick and Andy can finally agree on something, good-natured hillbillies, and popping collars. Let us know what you thought at


015 – Primer

In this episode of Netflix Junkies, we review Primer.

We have the most heated discussion to date about this movie and we both have very different opinions. Watch the movie, listen to the show, then head over to where we desperately need you, the fans, to be the tie-breakers!


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